Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dhabas, friends and Ambdekar Jayanti ...

Reached Vijaywada previous afternoon. Before entering into the headquarters of Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh had taken a few halts on the way from my last shelter, a road side DHABA in Nandigama. I am very thankful to the Dhaba owner and all the staff for their kindness. They not only provided me space but also but also two tables to make bed, one of which broken in the morning. :(

Dhabas are the most convenient space to settle down in the nights. Apart from food and snacks, usually they have the facility of washrooms too. The night prior to Nandigama, had got shelter at Sai Durga Hotel in Indiranagar, Munagla. There met Sai Kiran. An engineering student helps her dad-mom in running the hotel. What a delicious meal I had there. They gave me plenty of dosa and onion chutney in the breakfast. Sai Kiran's dad gave me 3 huge papayas, "this is fresh, keep it with you. Eat whenever you feel on your way".
The first halt of Yesterday was at Keesara, next to the bridge on Krishna river. A dry krishna! There met an young engineer, Pranit. Pranit came to me and said that he saw me riding while he was traveling on a bus to his work place. Just after deboarding the bus, he took his sister's scooter and came to see me. He asked whether he can spent some time with me, which i affirmed. We both walked upto the toll plaza.

There I found the washroom, which I was looking for. After my freshening up, we sat together for sometime in the same complex. There met some staff of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and a staff of AP police. All were very kind to me and the ride. Later we together went to a dhaba on the other side of the road and had breakfast. Idly and dosa! A little spicy!!

The next halt was at Kanchikcharla, somewhere 22 kms before Vijaywada. There I stopped to click some photographs of the statue of the legendary Telugu actor, who founded the Telugu Desham Party and later become CM of Andhra Pradesh for many years, N T Rama Rao, popularly know as NTR. While I was busy in clicking, heard drum beats. It was a huge procession, in celebration of the great visionary, legendary wold leader and the father of Indian constitution Dr. Bhimrao Ambdekar's birth anniversary. Later the procession converged into a public meeting. When they knew about the ride and its purpose, invited me to speak to the people. It was indeed an honor for me talk to about Dr. Ambedkar. They offered me food too, which could not avail as I had to reach Vijayawada, which still was more than a hour ride.